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Celery is an ancient crop. The seeds are a bit slow to start, but once the transplants are tucked in the garden, this potassium-rich vegetable grows very well in Atlantic Canada.


Growing Tips: Celery should be started indoors in early March, 10 to 12 weeks prior to setting out. To encourage germination, soak the seeds overnight. It also prefers a rich soil, so if fertility is a problem, incorporate some organic matter into the garden before planting. Space the transplants 30cm (12”) apart and mulch well.


100-110 days. This is a vigorous early celery that is both bolt and disease resistant. The crisp, soft-green ribs reach 22-25cm (9-10”) in height and are delicious. The mature plants reach 70-75cm (28-30”) in height

Seeds: Celery "Utah"

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