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95 days. The creamy white roots grow 25cm (10”) long and 8cm (3”) thick at the shoulder. Crowns are hollow and the flesh is delicious.


Nutritious root crop that can be prepared in much the same way as carrots. Their unique nutty-sweet flavour adds a punch of Vitamins A and C.


Growing Tips: Parsnips require deep loose soil to grow long and straight. They prefer soil that is rich in organic matter with a pH above 6.5. Plant seeds directly in the garden, sowing about 12 seeds per foot, 1 cm (1/2”) deep, spacing the rows 45-50cm(18-20”) apart. As the seed is slow to germinate, quick-growing radish seed may be used to mark the rows. Do not allow soil to dry out prior to the emergence of the seedlings (up to 3 weeks.) Once sprouted, thin to 8-10cm (3-4”) apart.

Seeds: Parsnips - "Hollow Crown"

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