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Amstel begonias have mounding form, typically reaching about 12 inches tall. They are continuous bloomers throughout the growing season, and provide a high-impact burst of colour for their compact size. Amstel begonias are relatively heat-tolerant and can grow in a variety of light conditions, but thrive in a part sun / part shade area that receives 4-6 hours of direct sun.


To provide a wide variety of unique baskets, our Amstel Begonia baskets all have different trailing plants in them - these may be Silver Falls (dichondra), Creeping Jenny (Lysmachia), Lobelia or others. When you select your colour of basket, you are selecting the main colour of the begonias - there are simply too many combinations for us to post pictures and track all the different options of trailing plants in them, however, if you buy multiple of the same basket variety, we promise to ensure that they match.

Begonia – Amstel Begonia Hanging Basket

SKU: HB12003
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