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Veggie Gardening Tips

Lowland Gardens Videos

Farmer's Almanac Growing Guides:

Learn everything you need to know about planting, growing, and caring for many of the most popular vegetables around!

In each Growing Guide you'll find information about hardiness zones, sun exposure, soil type, soil pH, pests and problems, harvesting tips, recommended varieties, and additional features. You’ll also find photos, recipes, frequently asked questions, A great resource to have for specific questions about specific crops!

Links to Helpful Guides & information:

There is so much great information out there to help you with your vegetable gardening projects, and there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel, so please check out these links to great external sites by knowledgeable gardening professionals. Most of these links will take you to Niki Jabbour's website "Savvy Gardening" ( Niki is a local Nova Scotian master gardener and award-winning author, and we cant recommend her books enough for practical and detailed information about vegetable gardening - especially in colder climates like here in Atlantic Canada .

A brief overview of great information covering topics like soil preparation, Succession planting, and growing seasons.

Great information about different types and varieties of lettuce, preferred growing conditions, and harvesting.

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